How do I download my BLS PDF?

Once you have registered for an eMedCert BLS course, here are the necessary steps for downloading the included BLS PDF:

On the eMedCert website, select Login near the top right corner
knowledge base | bls pdf step 1
Below Current Courses, select the red Launch button that corresponds with your BLS course
knowledge base | bls pdf step 2
On the right side of the screen, below the horizontal blue Progress bar, find BLS PDF and click the Download button to the right
knowledge base | bls pdf step 3
The PDF will automatically download to your computer, and/or will open in a separate browser tab. Note: this file is large, and may take a few moments to download depending on your Internet connection speed.

If you run into any issues, or if you have any further questions, please contact our Support Team via email, or by telephone at 800.688.6158.

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